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Mauser tüfek kayışı

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Rifle String "Extreme"

Mauser  tüfek kayışı

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To complement the M 03 Extreme, Mauser has designed the infinitely adjustable rifle carrying strap "Extreme". Made from non-slip Neopren, the strap has a generous width of 70 millimeters (2.75 inch) and offers extraordinary comfort. The quick-release fastener prevents accidental opening. The "Extreme" carrying strap comes with two pockets providing plenty of space for two cartridges, button batteries, ear protection plugs and other accessories. Mauser Hunting Knife "Classic" Proven materials have merged to create a new sophisticated classic. The back of the 10.5 cm (4.1 inch) drop point blade in solid stainless Sandvik 60 HRC steel is partially checkered to ensure a safe grip. The tang is fully embedded in a buckhorn handle and is mounted in a new silver crossguard towards the blade. The "Classic" hunting knife comes with a handy leather sling and a saddle leather sheath showing an embossed Mauser emblem. Presented in a scarlet box, it makes an attractive gift. Mauser leather rifle case We now offer the opportunity to combine an individual Mauser rifle with an elegant leather rifle case. The hand-made, top quality special rifle cases are being produced in mini-series for our customers. They are available for the M 03 Take Down and also in a long version for the M 98/Magnum. Variants with or without mounted scope are possible. Finest leather and inside linings are available in different combinations. All leather cases have reinforced corners, combination or key locks and the Mauser coat of arms on the inside of the case embossed in leather. The photo shows an example with dark brown leather, red lining and compartments for a M 03 stock receiver unit, 2 barrels, the bolt and accessories. The delivery time for a Mauser leather gun case depends on the individual wishes of the customer and can be up to 5 month. The cases can be ordered through the Mauser dealer / distributor network. Prices and delivery times on request! M 03 Gun Case Made of light, highly stable ABS with modern surface texture. Rounded, reinforced corners absorb bumps and impacts. The integrated carrying handle prevents the case from catching on anything and makes carrying much easier. Another handy feature is the highly visible label bar on the handle, which makes it unnecessary for hunters to remove the excise tape when going through customs. Detailed interior: Extra high partition panels Holders for threaded studs in the barrel compartments secure the barrels from moving regardless of their length Extra compartments for accessories, second magazine, bolt and two bolt heads Velcro strap for securing stock Capacity: One taken down M 03 with one extra barrel, two scopes and accessories Dimensions: 89 x 40 x 9 cm (35 x 16 x 3,5) Soft rifle case With its thick internal padding and a robust two-way zipper, this softcase provides maximum protection when transporting your rifle and scope. The outside pocket, which is also padded, is embroidered with the Mauser logo. Included with the case is a detachable carrying strap with shoulder padding, the length of which can be easily adjusted. A small padlock can be attached to the zipper to provide even greater protection and security. The softcase is black with brown-outlined reinforced seams and grip straps. Mauser Scarf Warming companion with signal effect. With embroidered Mauser logo. Fleece: 100% Polyester. Color: Signal orange Measurements: 190x35 cm (75x14”) Mauser Fleece-Cap Signal Orange Safe and warming. With embroidered Mauser logo on the visor. Fleece: 100% Polyester. Color: Signal orange. Mauser brown cotton cap Mauser’s new lightweight cotton cap with lateral vent holes offers comfortable protection from the sun during warm seasons. A sweat band on the inside bears the Mauser logo, while the exterior features the Mauser coat of arms embroidered in silver on the front. Reflector piping on the visor ensures that the hunter is well-visible. Made of tight cotton. Available in brown. One size (adjustable). Mauser flask For celebrating a successful hunt. The engraved Mauser logo is framed by a dark brown leather cover. The cap is fixed on the body of the bottle. Stainless Steel. For 180 ml

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